Ground Fighting Isn't For the Streets

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In the last few years it seems everyone is talking about mixed martial arts and the importance of ground fighting and how fighters are better prepared if they know how to fight on the ground. While it is always a good idea to learn as many method of fighting as you can, including ground fighting do you really want to take the fight to the ground? You might be a better wrestler than you are a puncher, but once you're on the ground your open to attack from multiple angles. In sport grappling everyone is fighting fair and nobody is trying to kill you, but none of those rules apply when you're rolling around on the ground in some alleyway.

The only person that should end up on the ground is your attacker and that happens, because you beat him down enough or you put him their hard with a throw. Once he's there don't be so quick to join him even though you have the advantage, because second you drop down you're giving it up. Kick them while standing and make sure they don't want to get up again so you're free to escape or watch over them until help arrives. If you're a police officer try not to take them down alone even if you have handcuffs ready, because even if you have your suspect in a submission hold they can still be very dangerous.

Now you might be thinking that this article doesn't apply to you, because after you're a seasoned ground fighter and you know all the moves that will have them screaming as you break their will and their bones. Submissions are great, but what happens if they pull a knife or bite you while you're grappling? You're close and open to many dirty tactics your attacker will use to get out of a bad situation. If you go to the ground with your attacker do every dirty trick you know to get back up again as quickly as possible.

What if while you're rolling on the ground an accomplice comes up and attacks you while you're occupied. Even scum bags have friends and while it isn't easy to fight more than one attacker being caught completely off guard could get you killed. That is exactly what happened at a local watering hole by home town. The parties involved were outside the bar smoking when an argument over a girl got physical and soon both men were rolling around on the ground in the parking lot. A friend of one of the men arrived and saw his buddy fighting and came over and stomped on the leg of the other man badly enough to break it. This gave his friend a chance to escape and they both started hitting the already injured man.

The police did catch up with all those involved, but now some body is walking with a limp, but this story reminded me on how important it really is to stick to the fundamentals. When you're in a fight you should fight until you can get away or they can't chase you, but avoid taking the fight to the ground or risk being stabbed, slammed into the concrete or worse. Be prepared to fight on the ground if necessary and include it in part of your training, but avoid it if you can in a real situation.

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Ground Fighting Isn't For the Streets

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This article was published on 2010/04/02