Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Mixmaster

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An important character of Transformers that completes the existence of Devastator is Mixmaster. Yes, he is the same character that has the ability to produce acid by mixing various chemical components. His acid can be used very effectively, so he has an intellectual power in addition to the physical power. His skills let him make any thing by using anything, living or nonliving. Nothing can come between his experimental purposes, until he accomplished them.

Being an important character, Mixmaster is expected by his fans to show his presence in Transformers 2. He has always been the companion and supporter of Long Haul by making left leg of Devastator. Previously, we have seen Mixmaster in purple as well as in green colours. Let us see what colour he is going to have in Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Most probably, it is going to be silver and black.

Like Long Haul, he is also created by Shockwave. He then had an ability to change into a cement truck - or you can say cement mixing bulldozer. As it has been told earlier, he can produce acid; the acid he produces can burn even steel doors. He can also produce a smoke screen, which is also very destructive and can burn anything. After preparing a mixture, he can pour it through his hand that can be changed into a pouring device. In Transformers 2, he is going to show his presence in the form of a concrete mixer tank.

Mixmaster's eating habits are very strange as he loves to drink oil. He is often in a funny mood, and whistles when he sees red hot cars. His accent resembles Brookyn's. He is much more aggressive, a control freak, and selfish when compared to other characters.

Being a strong minded character, he is going to be the head of Devastator. Maybe it's because of his intellectual skills and rational approach that he is chosen to be the main part of Devastator. Like always, in this upcoming movie he is going to accompany Long Haul in finding Megatron's body from under the deep sea. This is the point of devastation for the Autobots. They were thinking that they had bestowed the world with peace by killing Megatron forever. But, on the other hand, Mixmaster was busy finding his apparently dead master to make his survival possible in any case.

Autobots are happy after defeating their enemy, but they do not know that they have just finished a small fight on the face of the earth. They do not know that the real fight is just about to begin. This fight will not be the fight for earth, but rather it will be a fight for the universe that will be much more destructive, with much more powerful enemies.

Mixmaster is surely going to play a major role in defeating the enemy, but whether he is going to succeed in his mission or whether once again his team has to face defeat is still a mystery.

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Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Mixmaster

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This article was published on 2010/04/02