Dog Fighting - The Big Picture

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I am not for dog fighting, but there is a message in the BIG picture the Government and media have painted in the Michael Vick case. I think it's a disgrace and inhumane; no animal or persons, for that matter, should be engaged in such cruelty. I do, however, have a difference of opinion with how Michael Vick's case is evolving. What is the BIG picture in question?

Michael Vick is an African American football player, recently charged for running a dog fighting ring and gambling. He is a quarterback who once played for the Atlanta Falcons, earning some $130 million dollars. Vick faces up to five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. He's not the first athlete to be charged with dog fighting. Nevertheless, one must question the Government's and the media's efforts.

It's a disgrace to run a dog fighting ring or go to a dog fight, but people attend violent sporting events all the time. To add to this, hunting is categorized as a sport. Isn't hunting cruelty to animals? What's wrong with this picture? I'm not condoning any of these sports, but we've got to ask ourselves two things: does the punishment fit the crime; and, what message are we sending to our children and people across this country?

Indeed, dog fighting is cruelty to animals. However, unlike dog fighting, boxing, hockey, football and the new hype the "Ultimate Fighting Championship" are all cruelty to people. Hunting is another big issue. Many people hunt and kill animals for FUN. How is it okay when these "sports" are highly publicized and not inhumane in America's eyes? Are we saying we're not for violent dog fighting, but we are for violent sports? I'm confused!

There is no question in my mind that dog fighting is inhumane. On the same note, what about the young men, fresh out of high school, that are pulled away from their lives and families and sent to war in the Middle East? Isn't that inhumane too? The same passion the Government and the media are currently displaying in their fight against dog fighting is the same passion that should be displayed in their fight against war and violence across the board.

The dogs involved in many dog fighting rings are bred and trained to fight to their death. Comparably so, soldiers sent to war are also trained to fight to their death. We know that dogs don't have freewill and are forced to fight by their owners; and, people join the military by their own freewill. Yet, soldiers are forced to go to war by the Government. Again, what's wrong with this picture?

The bottom line remains: the BIG picture. What are the Government and the media telling our children and people in this country and across the world? Perhaps, Michael Vick's case could have been approached differently. Who knows? But, we need to look at the BIG picture: what message are we sending?

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Dog Fighting - The Big Picture

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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